Nice weather means more yoga!

by Tracy Rhinehart, Owner, Studio 108

Around here we love sunny skies and warm temperatures. We appreciate it.

After all, it doesn’t last long.

But sometimes taking advantage of the lovely weather means that we skip out on our yoga practice, opting instead for a run, a game of golf, a ride on the towpath or a lazy evening at the pool.

We get it. We love those things too.

But what we know is this: Yoga is key to optimizing and enjoying your other outdoor activities.

Let me explain.

Yoga releases tension in the muscle tissues and prompts you to lubricate the joints in your body. You can then enjoy greater mobility and range of motion. That means a longer stride on your run and a powerful swing of your golf club.

Yoga strengthens your deep stabilizing muscles in the hips so that you are confident on your feet. That means staying steady on rocky trails and on the slippery pool deck.

Yoga utilizes deep breathing which frees the diaphragm and expands your lung capacity. You enjoy improved cardio performance for your tennis match, your pickleball game, your run around the bases and your slide into home plate.

In addition, yoga practices teach you to utilize the rhythm of your breath for laser- sharp focus, giving you an edge over your competitors in any arena. Ball. Hole. Birdie!

Breathing well also means tons of oxygen. Breathing deeply in yoga oxygenates your entire system for improved functioning of every muscle cell in your body which means you perform your best.

But wait. There’s more.

Practicing yoga also allows you to move the lymphatic fluid through your body. Your system can clean up toxins and defend you from disease. You detox the soreness from yard work and gardening and clean up those poolside cocktails.

Plus, practicing yoga downregulates your nervous system. That means your body can switch from alert to at ease. This shift allows all bodily systems to work better. Think immune system, endocrine system, digestive system.

Best of all, practicing yoga on a regular basis allows you to sleep better. And more sleep means you miss less work and perform better in all areas of life. Plus, you feel happier and more optimistic about life.

If you want to get the most out of the lovely weather, get to your yoga mat. Your yoga practice will support all of your life activities.

Tracy Rhinehart, Owner, Studio 108

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