Sweet victory: St. Barnabas principal becomes human ice cream sundae

St. Barnabas Catholic School Principal Erin Faetanini was turned into a human ice cream sundae on March 1 in celebration of students exceeding the school fundraising goal.

For the second year in a row, St. Barnabas School held its “DanceFit Challenge,” in which students receive monetary pledges for minutes danced. The goal was to raise $25,000, and if the school met that goal, Faetanini promised to serve students ice cream sundaes and let them turn her into a human sundae. St. Barnabas exceeded their fundraising goal with nearly $30,000.

After Faetanini served students ice cream in the cafeteria while dressed in a banana suit, she became a human sundae at a school assembly when students doused her in whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

Last year’s DanceFit fundraiser challenge was for Faetanini to work on the roof of the school building, which she fulfilled for an entire school day.

“I didn’t think we could top Mrs. Faetanini working on the roof, but the ice cream sundae challenge was even better,” said Brennan Fleming, a top fundraiser in the 5th grade at St. Barnabas. “My favorite part was putting the whipped cream on her head.”

During the fundraising week, students took part in a character program where they learned about the importance of teamwork, care, courage, grit and celebration all while collecting pledges for minutes danced. It all led up to the final DanceFit Challenge, which was 35 minutes of upbeat “Just Dance” dance moves led by the Boosterthon Team.

“It is amazing how much we can do with the monies raised from this fundraiser,” said Terri Kolo, PTU president. “We have a very generous and giving community and the nice thing about this particular fundraiser is we are able to engage with students’ family and friends outside of this geographic area because of the digital platform we use.”

Last year’s event funded playground updates and black top stencils, a preschool/Pre-K STEM and natural play area, a Jim “Basketball” Jones all school assembly, outdoor sunshades and wall decals throughout the school. The PTU will plan and evaluate needs throughout the school and campus and create a proposal on how to use this year’s funds, which the board will vote on in its next monthly meeting.

“The fundraiser was very successful again and I am excited to see what the PTU decides to do with the funds,” said Faetanini. “Becoming a human sundae was absolutely disgusting, but it was a small price to pay to thank our students for doing an amazing job with the fundraiser. Not sure I can top the last two years, so I have to start thinking of what crazy challenge I’ll do next year.” ∞