Police Beat

April 1—A guest at a West Creek Road hotel used fraudulent hotel points to book a room and was later charged with drug trafficking, having weapons under disability and carrying a concealed weapon.

During a traffic stop on state Route 21, officers confiscated suspected marijuana from the driver.

April 2—On Rockside Road, officers cited a driver for open container and seized bags of suspected marijuana.

A male at a Rockside Woods Boulevard North business was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officers responded to a Rockside Road hotel for report of a disorderly female jumping into the hotel pool fully clothed. She was cited for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police cited a male guest at a Rockside Woods Boulevard hotel with inducing panic after his smoke creation device went off in his room, forcing over 100 guests to evacuate the building.

A male attempted to break into a home on Linden Lane. The homeowner called a nearby witness for help, who restrained the male as police arrived.

April 3—Police were dispatched to I-480E near the I-77 overpass for report of domestic dispute between two brothers.

Officers cited a male at a Rockside Road gas station with attempted drug possession and issued a traffic citation for no operator’s license.

April 6—At a traffic stop on Quarry Lane, officers cited the driver for driving under suspension and the passenger with falsification after lying about who he was.

April 7—A female was arrested for prostitution at a Rockside Road hotel.

April 11—Police reported to Patriots Way for report of a stolen exhaust system from a service truck.

April 12—A male reported that he and his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend got in a fight at a Brecksville Road gas station. Police reviewed video footage from the station and cited the male with disorderly conduct.

April 15—Police stopped a vehicle on I-77N for speeding and later cited the driver with open container.

April 16—During a Quarry Lane traffic stop, a woman was arrested for violating a protection order.

April 19—During a traffic stop on I-77N, police cited a driver for driving under suspension, speeding and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

April 20—Police arrested a man on Quarry Lane for receiving a stolen firearm and a probable cause search of the man’s vehicle found marijuana paraphernalia.

On I-77N, police cited a driver for speeding and marijuana drug paraphernalia.

April 23—Police responded to a reported theft at a Jefferson Drive hotel.

During a traffic stop on Brecksville Road, police cited the driver for a drug offense and driving without a license.

Police responded to a Rockside Road business in response to a male using a fraudulent identification card to purchase two cell phones on someone else’s service line.

April 25—Officers were dispatched to a Rockside Road restaurant parking lot for a detained female with two active warrants. She was later found to have used drugs.

April 26—A male was arrested for violating a protection order after driving in a car with the protected female.

Warrant pickups: 12

Warrant drop-offs: 7

OVIs: 5 ∞