Resurfacing contract awarded for Kings Forest Subdivision

By Dan Holland

April 7 virtual township trustees meeting

Richfield Township Administrator Mindy Lott reported that bids had been received for street resurfacing of the Kings Forest subdivision. The $204,930 contract, which will make up phase two of the project, was awarded to Barbicas Construction Company of Akron. The price includes resurfacing, leveling and a surface course.

Chagrin Valley Paving performed partial depth repairs in late 2021. It was determined at that time that the deteriorated condition of the roads exceeded the original estimate and a second phase of repair was added, according to Lott.

The repaving project, along with replacement of the Newton Road culvert, at an estimated cost of $75,000, are the township’s two major projects for 2022 roads. Bidding for the culvert project has not taken place. The Summit County engineers’ office bids road projects, selects contractors and supervises and inspects road-paving projects for the township and the township receives bulk-paving prices.

Trash & recycling options

Township officials are considering options for rebidding a trash and recycling contract jointly with Richfield Village. The township is in its final extension year of a three-year contract with Rumpke that allowed for two extension years.

Three options are currently under consideration, according to Lott.

“One option would be to continue with the same service we currently have with the trash hauler providing the recycling cart. The other two options would be fully automated options, which would mean [an additional] cart for the trash.” Lott explained. “The difference between option two and three would be with the hauler providing the 95-gallon trash bin. … The other option would be for the township or village to supply those up front.”

Lott said the Richfield Village service director estimated the cost to purchase 95-gallon carts for the township at around $70,000.

“We’ll have to weigh it and see … if it’s an option to go fully automated. We may decide that it’s best to stay with the current service,” Lott added.

Discussion of ARPA funds

Trustees resumed the discussion of possible uses for American Rescue Plan Act funds that the township received in 2021 and will receive in 2022, which will total $262,296. Possible uses include a portion of the funds going to The Richfield Joint Recreation District, as the RJRD board has requested $20,000 of the township’s allotted funds to be put toward installation of a new HVAC system at the Lodge at Richfield Heritage Preserve.

Other uses could include installation of a backup generator to power the township administrative and service department building. Another option could include an update of the township website.

Lott said she contacted three website developers about a possible revamp of the township website, possibly to include the option of processing online payments for zoning fees. She also suggested scanning all zoning files to store them digitally.

Discussions on the use of the funds will continue at subsequent meetings.

Stormwater issues

Larry Fulton, chief deputy engineer for the Summit County Engineer’s office, said the township advised him of possible stormwater issues along Stubbins Road and Hecker Drive. He recommended that township officials request service from his office to evaluate drainage on the two roads.

“Those subdivisions were approved prior to the turnpike being built, so there may be some obstruction in drainage through the turnpike,” he said.

In other actions, the trustees:

  • Approved participation in the ODOT 2022 winter salt contracts.
  • Accepted a Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) 2022 Energized Community Grant of $1,183. Lott said the township has $4,714 in escrow from previous NOPEC grants, which could be put toward purchase of a backup generator for the administrative/service building in addition to applying ARPA funds.
  • Approved a renewal of a property and public officials’ insurance policy through Wichert Insurance for $24,427. The policy will include cyber liability and data breach coverage.
  • Approved renewal of the annual Office 365 licensing for $3,075.
  • Approve payment of $1,499 to Summit County Public Health for annual stormwater service fees.
  • Approved two appointments: Hamid Homaee to the zoning commission and Jerry Ryba as an alternate to the board of zoning appeals. ∞