New service director takes the reins

by Dan Holland

For newly-appointed Richfield Village Service Director Scott Waldemarson, it’s all about putting forth his best effort every day and leaning heavily on the professional experience he gained in a similar position. He worked in the service department of Cuyahoga Heights, his hometown, for 22 years, 12 as service director.

 “My knowledge and experience in working in construction, infrastructure, building maintenance and managing a crew are just a few of the things I bring to this position,” said Waldemarson, who began Feb. 21. “At one time, I had 40 employees in my department in Cuyahoga Heights between full-time and part-time. I had to juggle all 40 of those workers based on what their strengths or weaknesses were.”

Waldemarson said his background lies mainly in mechanical for heavy equipment, diesel mechanics, infrastructure, buildings and roads, and the general construction industry.

As spring approaches, he said the service department would keep the village’s snowplow trucks maintained and on the ready while preparing for several springtime projects, with plenty of work to keep the service department’s 21 employees busy. He will be involved in interviewing potential new employees with the impending retirement of three service department workers.

“We have some sewer projects coming up and also some sidewalk projects, including a sidewalk going up toward Giant Eagle along Broadview Road,” he said.

Preparing for general landscaping work, keeping the sewer systems clear and preparing road signs and address markers are a few of the upcoming springtime projects at the top of his list once the snow season winds down.

“We’ll have to keep up with the sewers – both sanitary and storm – to make sure they’re kept clean and flowing,” said Waldemarson. “We’ll do ditch cleaning and check the sewers and make sure all the pumps are working. We’ll also be trimming trees and clearing right-of-ways, and maintaining the village’s athletic fields. We make all of our own road signs for the village and put address markers in front of all the homes so that police and fire can find them easily.”

Maintaining municipal lawns and flowerbeds, along with local cemeteries, is another big task that kicks off in the springtime, he added.

“We’ll start cutting grass and mulching all the beds,” he said. We’ll go through the cemeteries and fix any of the headstones that may have sunk or fallen over or that need attention. That’s one of our bigger things; taking care of the cemeteries.”

Digging and covering grave sites, weeding around headstones and placing American flags on the headstones of military veterans for Memorial Day will be a few of the cemetery-related tasks, he said.

“I just come in and try to do my best every day,” he said. “So far, it’s all been great.” ∞