Police Beat

Upon arrival at a disabled vehicle on I-77 SB, the woman passenger stated her boyfriend, who was driving, had gone for help. After further questioning she admitted she was driving and there was no boyfriend. It was learned she was driving under suspension and she had a warrant outside the pickup radius. A hypodermic needle found in the car was said to be used for heroine. She was cited for driving under suspension, assigned a court date and dropped off at a gas station in Fairlawn.

Two semi-truck drivers got into an argument at a local truck stop over a parking space. One driver punched the other several times in the arm and attempted to hit him with a metal tool. The victim declined to press charges. The men were advised to avoid each other for the rest of the night.

If someone from Microsoft or any other company calls and asks for your personal information, i.e. bank account and social security number, so they can save you from identity thief, it’s a scam. If they ask you to pay them using gift cards, don’t do it. Legitimate companies do not do that.

A woman filed a complaint of trespassing and harassment by her ex-husband with whom she shares custody of their 8-year-old child. Alcohol was involved.

A car traveling south on Brecksville Rd was pelted with eggs by a northbound black sedan. Eggs, if not washed off, have the potential to damage some automotive finishes.

At a residence on Townsend Rd, evidence showed a car left the roadway, traveled across the yard, over the driveway and through the mailbox before finding its way back to the asphalt.

A concerned motorist followed a van weaving “all over the roadway” to a residence on Brecksville Rd. Police located the van with the driver parked behind the garage. To make a very long story short, the officers found a variety of drugs including meth in the van and the driver failed several field sobriety tests. He was booked for OVI and four counts of possession before being taken to the Summit County Jail.

Officers terminated a high-speed chase but not before obtaining the license plate number. The registered owner was contacted in Barberton and stated her son called and said he out ran the police. The mother provided her son’s social security number and address.

A Toyota Rav4 was stopped for no rear license plate. The strong smell of marijuana and masking agents emanated from the interior. Marijuana and various related products were discovered. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and improper display of plates then released to his mother.

Officers happened upon two women involved in a minor fender bender on Wheatley Rd. They traded information and the first woman was advised to leave. Because of the smell of alcohol the second woman was given and failed several field sobriety tests. When she declined to submit a breath test, she was cited for OVI, placed under suspension and her driver’s license seized.

Police responded to a call from a man who claimed his ex-wife, her boyfriend and his other ex-wife had taken $200 from his cash app while he was asleep. Officers noted his erratic behavior and he finally admitted to having taken meth.

A motel manager asked for police presence when a guest was asked to leave for non-payment. Officers determined the man had resided there several months. This will end up in civil court.

Officers responded to an altercation between a man and woman. She wanted him to seek medical attention for an infection. He does not like hospitals and refused to go. No further action taken. ∞