Mad Tea Nutrition brews up unique, wholesome shakes and teas

 by Michele Collins

One of Hudson’s newest establishments has a personal story behind it.

Seana Csete, owner of Mad Tea Nutrition on Library Street, learned about creating protein shakes and energizing teas when her son was ill and receiving treatments that made him unable to eat many things. She mixed ingredients that helped easy his digestion and increase his energy and added pizazz with colors, flavorings and cute cups and straws.

Csete said it made her son feel “like everyone else,” drinking his favorite beverage on the go. Soon she started making shakes for other ill children, paying special attention to each child’s allergies and his or her favorite flavors. She also learned about products from Herballife Nutrition and later sold those products.

Those experiences initially translated into the opening of Hudson Nutrition, a café inside in Summa Health Building, in 2019. Csete quickly made fans of her teas and shakes, encouraging people there to work out to try her recovery shakes and those undergoing medical treatments to use immune-boosting ingredients.

This past August, Csete opened a larger location at 56 Library St, next to Lulu’s Yogurt with a Twist. Her Mad Tea Nutrition store has emerged as a popular spot for customers of all ages.

“I honestly don’t have a typical customer. I have moms with young children who want a quick shake to take with them as they do their errands and pickups and dropoffs. I have teenagers who come after school to enjoy a tea or shake while doing homework. I have older people who might have dietary restrictions who enjoy a meal replacement-type shake. And I am so happy to create things for all of them,” she said.

Csete and her staff are creative. They have seasonal shakes that highlight flavors of the fall, winter, spring and summer with names like Carmel Apple Strudel, Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, Cinnamon Chai, Lemon Peach, April Showers and Ocean Breeze. There are some 100 varieties.

She said a pastry chef in the organization comes up with the recipes. Customers can have boosters mixed into their shakes, such as protein or honey powder, vitamin C, “immune defense” or even “beauty booster,” which is pure collagen, according to Csete.

Teas also come in a variety of flavors with combinations like peach tea with pineapple, blue raspberry and apple cider. Csete welcomes suggestions from guests with a favorite flavor.

She said there is a new shake and tea flavor each month.

Csete prides her store on the use of quality ingredients and not using artificial sweeteners or flavorings. She said that its important that Mad Tea Nutrition be a place where people can trust what they are getting. ∞