Talk of the Town

Hudson resident Jackie Palumbo has loved art since she was a child.

“I would bake, craft, paint and create collages. I always needed a creative outlet, especially after working in the real world after college,” she said.

Today, Jackie creates her own art pieces and has her work in four different art galleries in the area. She is also touched by a special cause – that of brave men and women who serve in our military. About four years ago, Jackie started making cards to lift the spirits of veterans and military personnel. She now holds free cardmaking classes for those who would like to learn and send their own creations to soldiers or vets. Her last cardmaking event was at the Griffith Art Studio, which drew a large crowd and many of whom returned the following day to make and send more cards to our soldiers.

“Usually, we make about 400-600 cards at a time,” she said. “I love supporting our military and seeing others do the same. My goal is to offer free art classes to veterans. I am working on my mindful and meditation certification to incorporate in my classes.” 

Her next event will be held Saturday, May 21, from 2-6 p.m., and Sunday, May  22, 12-3 p.m., at the Up Front Art Space in Cuyahoga Falls. Thank you, Jackie, for having such a positive impact on our current military and veterans. 

Congrats to Lindsey Havens. The Hudson High School senior rocked the track field by setting a new school record in the pole vault at the Explorer’s first meet this season, which was against Wooster. Lindsey’s record-breaking jump was 11 feet 6 inches on her first attempt. She then tried for 12 feet but came up short.

 “I was so excited to break the school record,” she said. “It was a goal of mine, and because of the rain and wind, I was scared of meeting the challenge.”

Lindsey hopes to reach 12 foot 6 inches “or possibly 13 foot,” she said, this season. She plans to continue her studies and vaulting at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, in the fall.

Hudson resident Abbie Chandler and her son Lee are making a difference. Abbie is an advocate for cystic fibrosis and has been raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for years. Her passion for a cure comes from Lee’s struggle with the disease. Meanwhile, Lee, a Hudson Middle School student, is doing what many of us might be afraid of – participating in a clinical trial. His two-year stint in the trial, which is testing a medication designed to stop chronic symptoms of cystic fibrosis, is coming to an end and, Lee is excited to re-enroll in. Since being on the trial, Abbie said almost all of Lee’s symptoms are gone.

“Instead of using medications to treat symptoms, this medication prevents symptoms from forming,” she explained.

And by being in this trial, Lee is helping to clear the way to FDA approval for other children with cystic fibrosis. Thank you, Lee!

Kudos to Hudsonites Casey Johnson and Frank Griffiths on their recent United States Tennis Association wins in San Diego, California. The two qualified for the national championship in the singles and doubles divisions. Johnson ranked 4.5 on the NTRP and finished third in the country. Griffiths ranked a 4.0 and also finished third. Griffiths and Johnson won the doubles national championships. These gentlemen will be bringing home a trophy not only to Hudson, but to the Midwest region. Congratulations on an awesome win!

HHS sophomore Jason Dement recently won a contest that allowed him fly to San Diego and participate in the Berlin and Beyond Film Festival. Jason’s German teacher mentioned the contest in class. He submitted an application and was happily surprised to be chosen.

Jason said he has a love for films, theater and acting and even started the Movie Club at HHS. At the film festival, he was one of four jurors to review German-based films and had the opportunity to meet the German consulate and to tour with several German actors. He viewed several films and was able to present the award to the winner.

“Having this experience has opened my eyes to the craft as a possibility in the future,” Jason said. “I intend on discovering more experiences like this during the summer at a film academy in New York City.” Way to go and congrats! 

The Doyle family is spreading awareness about the need for organ donors. Terry Doyle is a fourth-generation sufferer of polycystic kidney disease. His sister, niece, and 22-year-old son, Christopher, also have this debilitating disease, which destroys the kidneys. Its victims must live on dialysis or receive a transplant. Terry has been on a transplant list for a year, and even when a kidney is located, there will be astronomical costs involved. And his wife Kristine, who is a special education teacher, will have to take off eight to 10 weeks of work to care for him. Terry’s kidneys currently are very low functioning but still working.

“The longer you can keep your kidneys running, the organ transplant will be more successful and assume its responsibilities and function,” he said. “My end game is a kidney transplant or dialysis. I thankfully have a slow progressing version of this and can get a transplant soon.”

Hudsonite Kristin (Day) Horomanski, a 2005 Jesuit High School graduate, was inducted into the Walsh Jesuit Hall of Fame. Kristin was a key member of the private school’s soccer and basketball teams, and during her senior year, helped both teams win state championships. She is one of the leading scorers in the history of the girls soccer team and received first-team All-State and All-American honors following her senior year. She went on to play soccer at the University of Cincinnati. Congratulations, Kristin!

And, last but certainly not least, I would congratulate Austin Demuynck, my son, on his upcoming graduation. Austin will be continuing his education at Kent State University, where he will study aeronautics and work towards receiving his pilot’s license.

Congratulations to all of our seniors! Your future is boundless!

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