Trustees say township website overhaul could take a year

Trustees say township website overhaul could take a year

Feb. 15 township trustees meeting

By Chris Studor

Providing township residents with a new, more efficient and user-friendly township website “could take the better part of a year,” Trustee Melissa Augustine said during the Feb. 15 township trustee meeting.

Before trustees bring website vendors before the board, Augustine said, “a scope outlining what we expect needs to be established.”

Trustees have been exploring the possibility of going beyond the traditional in-person and live Zoom meetings and now are considering recording meetings to allow residents who are unable to attend to view the meetings at a later date. Augustine said the current website does not provide an avenue to do that.

“We need to come up with a new, more efficient way to do this and [a format] that is user friendly and mobile friendly,” she said.

Hinckley resident Jim Larson told trustees he would like to see the meetings recorded as he “[doesn’t] feel the written meeting minutes always represent all that happened.”

“Going forward, I would like to see tape recordings of township meetings kept for five years,” said Larson. “I think there’s some significant things said at these meetings, sometimes going back several years, which could be important to a current discussion and there should be a taped recording of those meetings.”

Augustine said if all meetings are to be recorded, the board has to determine how long the meeting footage should be retained.

In other business, trustees:

• Appointed Lindsay Wrubel (term expires in 2023 and Bill Schaefer (term ending in 2026) to the township’s zoning commission, with Tom Schrader assuming the annual alternate term.

• Announced that preliminary plans have been submitted to the Medina County Planning Commission for the Serenity Court development. Those plans call for the construction of approximately 17 single family housing units, each built on 2-acres, on State Route 303, across from the Arborcrest development. Additionally, permanent site plans have been submitted to the county planning commission for the senior housing complex to be constructed near State Route 303 and West 130th Street.

• Approved the expenditure of a $95 registration fee to Safe Kids Worldwide and $50 local fee to Safe Kids Greater Cleveland for Child Passenger Safety Certification Training. Once township firefighters receive their training, residents will be able to get their child safety seats installed by the department.

• Approved the hiring of Lynne Rotondo as part-time township administrative office assistant.

• Agreed to hire a court reporter to take minutes at every steering committee meeting. ∞