Superintendent’s Corner

It has been an honor to serve as interim superintendent for Hudson City Schools over the past couple of months, as it brings back fond memories of my previous tenure in Hudson. While some things have changed in the eight years I’ve been away, such as the addition of amazing new and renovated facilities, the level of excellence displayed by our staff and students remains as impressive as ever. It is clear to me that the community’s dedication to making sure our children are equipped with the tools needed to be successful continues to be unparalleled.

Since 1962, Hudson City Schools has been using the Permanent Improvement Fund, or PIF, to maintain the district’s capital improvements. Every five years, the PIF is up for renewal, which is why voters will see Issue 2 on the May 3 ballot next month. This 1.5-mill PIF levy generates approximately $1.5 million annually. It will cost the taxpayer no additional taxes if passed in 2022.

Funding from the PIF will be used for: 

  • Staff and student technology (Chromebooks and iPads)
  • Safety and security upgrades (cameras, alert systems)
  • School buses
  • Roofing and paving projects
  • Building improvements (flooring, lighting, etc.)
  • District maintenance vehicles
  • District technology upgrades

There is often confusion on the difference between a PIF and an operating levy. Proceeds from a PIF levy can only be spent on district capital improvements. It cannot be used for any operating expenses, such as salaries and benefits. 

I’m occasionally asked what happens if the renewal PIF does not pass in 2022. Ultimately, this would result in a tax increase. The PIF would have to go back on the ballot in 2023 for consideration as a new 1.5-mill permanent improvement levy. But a new 1.5-mill PIF would be a higher cost to the homeowner. This is because the Ohio legislature, through House Bill 59, eliminated the 12.5% reimbursement credit for residential taxpayers. A new PIF levy would end up costing homeowners 12.5% more in taxes, due to the removal of this credit.

We know Ohio school finances can be cumbersome to understand at times. If you have any questions, please reach out to our district treasurer, Phillip Butto, at or myself at We are happy to answer any questions about the upcoming PIF or general financial questions. ∞