As we are preparing the annual State of the Schools Address, I thought this would be a terrific time to test readers’ knowledge of their Revere Local School District. Good luck.

Your Revere Local School District: Eight Fun Fast Facts:

•  How many students are enrolled in the Revere Local Schools?

Answer: 2,811 of the best kids around.

•  How many employees does it take to operate the Revere Local Schools?

Answer: 315 incredibly caring and dedicated professionals.

•  What is the total number of miles that Revere school buses travel each day?

Answer: 2,179 miles daily.  26 extremely professional operators drive 2,179 miles daily.  That’s equivalent to driving to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. and back … every day!

•  How large is the geographic area of the Revere Local Schools?

Answer: 50 sq. miles.  Hence the 2,179 miles driven daily by our school buses.

•  How many meals are prepared daily in the Revere Local Schools?

Answer: 1,700.  The school system serves approximately 1,300 nutritious lunches and 350 tasty breakfasts each and every day.

•  What is the average ACT score of a Revere student?

Answer: 26.1   The national average is 20.7 while the Ohio average is 20. Give it up for the Minutemen!

•  What is the percentage of third-graders who scored proficient or above on the fall 2021 Ohio Gr. 3 Reading assessment?

Answer:  71%.  This ranked first in Summit County. The state average was 41%. Third-grade students will take this assessment again at the end of March where we expect nearly 90% will achieve proficiency. A fabulous indicator for the value-add of our amazing teachers!

•  What is the annual operating budget of Revere Local Schools?

Answer: $39 million.

Would you like to learn more? Stayed tuned for the announcement of our annual State of the Schools Address.

Revere Pride – Love it, love it, love it! ∞