Bath School students of the month

Grade 3:  Prisha and Riya Anand

Siblings Prisha and Riya Anand are inquisitive, hardworking, and dedicated to being successful. They always seek feedback on their work in order to better themselves as learners. Not only do they excel in their academics, but they are compassionate and helpful to each of their classmates. Their empathy to others is a valuable asset to each of their classroom families.

Grade 4: Alex Birkner

Alex comes to school every day prepared and eager to put forth his best effort. He is a quiet leader and someone who can always be counted on to be doing the right thing. Alex is a conscientious student and is consistently polite and kind to both adults and classmates. He is an active member of the school community and successfully juggles extracurricular activities along with his schoolwork. 

Grade 5: Sasha Saaed-Saad

Sasha Saaed-Saad is an enthusiastic learner and a leader in the classroom. Sasha always puts forth her best effort and has outstanding behavior inside and outside of the classroom. She has a kind heart and is polite and helpful to both students and teachers. ∞